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Passive / Active 2 Wire to 4 Wire Converter (Hybrids)

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Connection of 2 wires to any 4 Wires Circuit or Equipment.

Speech indication on active hybrid.

Transmit and receive speech indication (active).

Line balance adjustable to match line impedance.

Transmit and receive amplifiers (gain adjustable -60 to +8 dBm) active.

2 channels per card.

Standard 19 rack mounted or case mounted.

20 channels per shelf.

Easy krone connection on PCB backplane.
Superb sound quality.


Good Tran hybrid loss (45 dB).

More racking density than other products on sale.

Low power consumption (24V/48V) on
active hybrid (nil on passive).

Phantom powering available on passive
hybrid for connection of telephone.

Hybrid transformer:
BABT certificate of recognition CR0140.
Trans-hybrid loss 300 Hz-3.4KHz.
Frequency response +/-0.2dB, 200Hz-4 kHz
Return loss >19dB, 300Hz-3.4 kHz
50Hz isolation voltage >3.88kV RMS
Saturation voltage 65V peak
DC-5kHz balance > 30dB
24V DC
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