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COVERT CASINO TABLE MICROPHONE (CM3) ACL have developed the CM3 Casino Microphone with unique recording characteristics ideally suited for Gaming rooms.

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The conventional way to record a Gaming room was to use a Rifle mic on a stand; this is of course ugly and obtrusive and not very effective.
The CM3 is fixed under the playing surface (under baize) to be as near as possible to the Gaming clients and is designed to be as invisible as possible. We recommend 4 microphones to a Gaming table with the outputs fed back to a 4 channel mic preamp / conditioning card (MC42 by ACL Digital)
The response of the microphone has been tailored for conversation recording.
The microphone element is a max planar type with superior clarity and noise figure.
MC42 spec on separate sheet.


Nearfield (<1m distance) to whole room operation adjustable: will clearly pick up conversations in rooms of up to 50 cubic metres.
Balanced output
(Max +0dBu BAL).

Mild steel enclosure (RFI rejection)
80mm x 50mm x 20mm.
Under baize access hole 25mm
Weight 150g.
Fixing: screw slots

Power 12V DC Regulated 25mA.

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