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The conventional way to record a
meeting or interview room was to use a desktop mic with a stand; this is of
course ugly and obtrusive. The CM2-1
can be fixed into the table or ceiling
and is designed to be as innocuous as

The response of the microphone has
been tailored for conversation
recording using sophisticated audio

The microphone element is a max
planar type with superior clarity and
noise figure. Preamplifier with line
driver (Line Level output). Noise gating
with adjustable threshold suppresses
background noise and speech or
music in pick up area. Signal peak
limiter to prevent overload of output
stage. Adjustable output gain.


Nearfield (<1m distance) to whole
room operation: will clearly pick up
conversations in rooms of up to 50
cubic metres volume.

Switchable low frequency filter
with180Hz / 240Hz / 300Hz centre
frequencies removes or attenuates
hum or rumble outside speech band.

Selectable analogue compression
1:1 no compression
2:1 mild compression
3:1 strong compression.

Transformer Isolated Balanced output
(Max +18dBu).
BABT certificate of recognition IEC950,
EN60950, EN41003 AND UL1950.
Frequency response +/0.2dB, 200Hz-4kHz
-3dB LF/HF cutoff
Return loss >16dB, 200Hz- 4kHz
Isolation voltage 50Hz >3.88kV RMS
Saturation voltage 50Hz 250Vrms peak
DC-5kHz balance 80dB
DC resistance per winding 300 Ohms typical
Mild steel enclosure (RFI rejection)
80mm x 50mm x 20mm.
Weight 150g.
Fixing: screw slots or Velcro
Power requirement: 12V DC 25mA
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