Digital Telephone Voice Recording Interfaces
Analogue Audio/Telephone Recording Interfaces
Covert Audio/Video Security System
Audio System / Dealer Board Interface Analogue Telephone Signalling Converters

Multiple Dealerboard Handsets/Radio Channels Recording Interface(Audio Mixer Card) Allows mixing of multiple audio / speech / signals

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Mixing of analogue speech circuits.
Compression up to 8:1 in single or multiple of 3 x 2:1 channel steps.
Standard 19 rack mounted.
20 cards maximum per shelf.
8 channels per card.


No limitations on channel count.

Provides large cost saving on recording systems.

The ACL Digital speech channel mixer is typically used when a dealer board has multiple handsets, each handset requiring its own channel on a communications recorder.
By mixing handsets together on to a single channel maximum utilisation of available channels on the recorder is possible, thus saving the need for further large capital expenditure on additional Recording machines.

Can be used to mix any audio source.

High input impedance.
High signal to noise ratio greater than -80 dBMo.
Low power consumption.
15V DC
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