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ISDN2 (BRI) Voice Recording Interface. Basic Rate Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC)/(EDAC), ACL have developed the Digital to Analogue converter for digital switches where the switch manufacturer does not have an available recording Interface

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The conventional way to record a Digital telephone switch was to develop an Analogue signal from the userís terminal telephone handset and bring the Analogue signal back via the structured cable.
This has many disadvantages, some of which are:

Large analogue signal loss.
Hum and Noise pick up.
User able to disconnect audio.
Often hands free calls not recorded.
All wiring not contained in secure equipment room.
Usage of valuable structured cable resources.


Universal interface for line cards and equipment using ISDN S-bus type transmission standard. (4W).

Developed for Basic rate interfaces

Inputs to card taken in parallel with existing wiring - no disturbance to existing switch installation or work to digital switch or telephones.

Negligible loading on line, and no signals transmitted onto line.
Full transformer isolation (>1kV DC) from line.

Individual indication of call in progress via VOX Leds.

Digital mixing of local and distant end speech. Digital sound quality.

Supplied as standard with 2 line channels per card, B1/B2 signal on each channel.

Plugs into ACL universal digital backplane housed in 3 U high shelf, 15 cards (60 audio channels). Or DAC in a box, 4 audio channels, Plug top P.S.U.
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