Digital Telephone Voice Recording Interfaces
Analogue Audio/Telephone Recording Interfaces
Covert Audio/Video Security System
Audio System / Dealer Board Interface Analogue Telephone Signalling Converters

E1/PRI/ISDN30/PCM30 Recording Interface (PR30) E1/PRI/ISDN30/PCM30 TO ANALOGUE CONVERTER (PR30) Conversion to analogue audio of all 30 channel slots in E1 or PCM30 link. B.T. Megalink version available (32 chnls).

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Conversion to analogue audio of all 30 channel slots in E1/ISDN/PRI or PCM30 link. B.T. Megalink version available (32 chnls).

Two versions of adapter available to connect to existing TX and RX circuits if monitor port is not available (ref. BN45): coax version connects via BNC T connector, RJ-45 version daisy-chains all lines and taps across selected pairs.

Minimal downtime needed to fit either type of adapter; connection to Primary socket on PR30 unit can then be done without disturbance to the line.

Sensitive line interface stages to compensate for losses in the passive monitor tap, and sophisticated framing circuitry to ensure correct alignment with incoming data.

Audio outputs on DIN41612 a+b 64-pin male connector; all outputs fully balanced, with protection against mis-connection and DC voltages up to 100V; optionally, outputs can be split between TX and RX for each slot (60 analogue outputs, possible future stereo use e.g. caller on one speaker, called party on other speaker).

Standard 1U high 19 equipment case: front panel indicators for power and lock to frame; external power supply connected on robust lockable circular connector.

One E1 interface as standard per case; optionally fitted with two E1 interfaces (60 analogue outputs per unit).
Logic level output for connection to external alarm circuit to indicate loss of

frame lock on either TX or RX; connection on auxiliary RJ-45 (suitable for opto-isolator).

Repeated TX and RX signals also available on auxiliary connector, for connection to other Digital monitoring equipment.Cable from female DIN connector to bare ends supplied as standard, for wiring to external Krone or other IDC frame or patchfield: consult ACL for other formats.

Easy installation:
1 fit unit in 1U rack space (no special requirements for cooling).
2 connect to E1 circuit via adapter and standard CAT-5 cable (50m max.).
3 connect analogue pairs to recorder or distribution frame.
4 optionally connect alarm output to external controller.
5 connect external power supply and apply mains.
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